Nordic Walking tours


Instructor of Nordic walking tours is Jelena Jusis

Phone number: 8-652-87219


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  • Description
    • Training of Nordic walking technique

      Place: Ignalina, Palūšė, your chosen location

      Duration: 1,5 hour

      Price: 7,5 Eur for person. Minimum price: 30 Eur.

      Description: Discover Nordic walking as a way of the great leisure time, communication and health promotion. Nordic walking is easy to learn. Correctly walking there are exercised about 90% of body muscles, at the same time the movement machine is burdened up to 30% less. That's why this active activity is special for those who have joint and back problems. Nordic walking helps developing aerobic endurance, improving heart and vascular activity. An active breathing improves the oxygen supply to the whole body. Also, it is effective weight loss workout in the fresh air.

      The begginers will learn the correctly technique of Nordic walking and stretching exercises which are recommended to do at the end of the training.

      The advanced will learn extra ways how to walk and exercises which can make the training more enjoyable and comprehensive.

      Nordic walking and hiking organization

      Place: Aukštaitija National park and Ignalina district

      Duration: from 3 to 5 hours. It depends on chosen tour (7 or 15 kilometers)

      Price: from 4 Eur for person. Minimum price: 40 Eur. An additional 1 Eur for a visitor ticket of Aukštaitija National park.

      Description: Walking tour is a great ecological way to know not just Ignalina region but also admire the beauty of region landscapes, to know plants, berries and mushrooms, visit most visited objects or develop undeservedly forgotten interesting places and occasionally experience unplanned adventure. Have you already seen water-mill of Gaveikėnai and its devil? Do you know how does it look rapacious plant of Lithuania - saulašarė? Did you travel through Šiliniškiai picturesque ridge? Have you already visited one of the most interesting mythological places - Antakmenė victims stone? Contact me and I will offer you program of the tour according to your capacity, preferences and interests. Let's go green - burn body fat instead of fuel!



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